test1 origami

1枚の紙を丸めてチューブにする。To make a tube by bending a paper like this…

is easy. Then what about this? これはあたりまえ。ではこれは?

the patern is spiraling. パタンが螺旋になっている

チューブの半分を広げると, opened and flattened tube.

right and left edges were cut lines ,  左右端が切った線                            


Where two patterns of modulation collide the folding cannot be defined (sounds like a soliton!! ) and you can not extend the tube any more. But if you compromise the analytical continuity, an identical tube can be glued back to back and make a continuous form, but it has a singularity at the joint. If the modulation is designed to be parallel to the axis, this singularity does not occur, but it is not so beautiful. Also if you allow a minimal warp of the paper, the tube can be turned into a torus. Sketch?

We have been studying forms which have high symmetries, but it they do not a necessary criteria. You can fold with arbitrary angles although you need to follow some rules to make them enclosed or have volume. The two edges must have the same pattern when they meet. This requires some mathematical design.



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