Finally today is the closing day of our exhibition after a month long show. Every two days we came to the Gallery to check  if everything was OK. We found many visitors there asking us if we were the artists.  We ended up talking to them about the work, and we found that it was not so easy for them to understand our mathematical concept about  symmetry but they did say that our work is beautiful. They were impressed by the scale of the large piece. Once an object is bigger than a human, the response to the object changes. Unlike other art forms, this is a classic dilemma of architecture; pictures never represent the sense of the real space. It is too bad that some people will need to experience the work through photos and did not have the opportunity to see the reality. they will have to use their imagination, but….

一ヶ月間の個展をついにたたむ日になった。メンテナンスのために2日に一度はギャラリーに来たが、いつも通りすがりの来客から、このアートの作者?と話しかけられ、長話になった。数学的な対称性の意図はなかなか分ってもらえないが、でも美しいとキッパリと言ってくれる。スケールにも圧倒されるみたい。人体より大きなものになると、人がそれをどう感じるかが大きく変わる。他のアートと違って、これは建築の普遍的な課題。写真では本当の空間は分からない。案内状の写真で想像して、実際に体験しなかった人たちは ほんとに残念。

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Having  received a very positive response from visitors we were very happy.  Folding down the exhibition took only a few minutes despite taking half day to install it…..kind of sad.予想をずっと超える反響があって、うれしかった。設営に半日かかったのに、店をたたむのはたったの数分。なんだか悲しい。