UNIQLO ユニクロ 

We checked out the new UNIQLO shop at Fifth Avenue which opened 3  months ago. There were a lot of customers. The interior design is not the  kind to knock your socks off, but the bright design and changing lights keep your eyes busy moving around the shop and pleasantly amused rather than the zen style of Muji another popular shop here. Japanese products and culture seem to have faded away as we hear only news about the Chinese, but some Japanese companies are aggressively working to keep up. A lot of the staff were wearing “happi” or Japanese jackets, flapping all over the shop and activating the space. We could not find any female staff wearing them, probably because it is not so cool looking.


O ne of the staff kindly went up to their storage to search for my size, and a happi boy organizing the shelves came and told us “ Don’t worry, typically we will find the size”. After all he could not find it, so we left but with a pleased feeling.




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