BIKE SHARE 公共自転車レンタル駅

In the summer of 2012 Mayor Bloomberg will launch the public bike rental system in Manhattan; Bike Share. Today we walked around our neighbor to choose locations for the stations recommended by the DOT. This system started in Europe in major cities like Paris and Barcelona, where anyone can borrow a bike and return it at one of the many stations located throughout the city. Almost every 100m you should be able to find a station there will be 600 stations with a total of 10,000 bikes. They are proposing the stations on wide sidewalks, in parking spaces or on the private plaza’s that are called public because the developer who built them received a bonus to build more floors by providing a “Public” space. We will get a chance to discuss the locations with our neighbors and the department of transportation next week.

この夏にブロングバーグ市長が打ち出した公共レンタル自転車を配備する計画が起動する。パリ、バルセロナなどヨーロッパの都市で始まったシステムで、誰でも町中にある駅で借りて、どこででも乗り捨てできる。その自転車はまた他の人が借りてゆく。地下鉄と乗り継いだり、自由に町を行き来出来る。今日は交通局が挙げたレンタル駅の候補点から、ベストポイントを選ぶべく、実際に通りをしらみつぶしに歩いた。マンハッタン中で600駅、全部で一万台の自転車が配備される。約半径100mごとに一駅できるので、ほぼ必ず見えるところに1駅はある算用。路上駐車の枡をつぶしたり、幅広の歩道や、公開空地(公共の為に土地所有者が設けるもの。その代わりに高い建物を建設することが出来る制度、日本にもたくさん、あるのだけれど、所有者の建物を飾る前庭としてしか機能していないのがほとんど) に作られることになる。次週に交通局と地元の人々との話し合いがある。新しいことに何でも拒絶反応をする反対者がかなりいて、一筋縄では行かなさそう。

more and more ..まだまだ...。

Surprisingly not everyone wants a bike share station located on their block. We are very happy to have more bicycles sharing the streets but at the community meeting with our neighbors there will be many fighting to have them moved “somewhere else”, they still think that bicycles are dangerous, that they ride on the sidewalk and invade the territory of the pedestrians. They take a fighting stance and cannot imagine that pedestrians, bicyclists and cars can share the streets. Let’s find spots everyone thinks  good!!



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