In front of the UN an open market is held every Wednesday where bread, vegetables, eggs, fish and meat  are sold.  There are a wide variety of vegetables, organic or conventional and not your typical tomatoes, carrots and peas. There is an exotic collection of fish such as  fish roe, fish livers and smelt, we speculate that it is because there are international workers from many countries that pass through this market and are used to this “unusual food”. A dozen kinds of fish are available and they are all fresher than in the local supermarkets. But you still need advanced eyes to judge the freshness of the fish because typically they are filleted and the head and skin are already taken off which makes it very difficult to judge. Typically you can see if the eyes are clear and the skin is shiny and plump. For example the squid are already white (probably frozen) not transparent or brown as they are in the Tokyo markets. Fish without the head and skin goes bad much faster so we eat it the day we bought it and Wednesday ends up to be our fish day. Japanese eggplant, mizuna, and daikon are all getting popular here and we can find them in our market, maybe the next is shiso.


By they way this park is honoring DAG HAMMARSKJÖLD who is famous for organizing the system of Peacekeeping Forces during the UN Security Council Suez Crisis.

ちなみに、この公園は第二代の国連事務総長を記念してダグ・ハマーショルド公園と呼ばれる。スエズ紛争の時、拒否権連発で安保理が機能麻痺した中、平和維 持軍の制度をすばやく整え導いたことで知られている。外国人の名を冠した公共の場所を僕らは他に思いつかない。アイゼンハウワー大統領が彼を称えたほど に、この時の米国と国連との間に軋轢が無かったからでは?と邪推するのは穿ちすぎか?


the MARKET@HAMMARSKJÖLD PARKハマーショルド公園の青空市」への2件のフィードバック

  1. お久しぶりです。もともと魚を食べる習慣のないこのあたり、鮮魚も手に入るのですが、日本と比べて鮮度と値段で、最近はもっぱら冷凍ものです。下手な鮮魚より新鮮です。紫蘇は家の畑に10年前にまいた種がかってに育って、毎年紫蘇畑になります。

    • 淡水魚?京都も昔は鮮魚が無なくて、海水魚の保存食や淡水魚の食文化をつくりましたよね。コモ湖近辺では魚の食文化が無いのですか?海から来るとしたら、イタリアの脛の方からでしょうか?ふくらはぎまでは平らだけれど、ちょっと遠いですね。


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