FRENCH BAGUETTES in NY フランスパン・バゲットと自転車

One day on the way to the office a truck driver greeted me from behind, and  another day a fellow bike rider said hello to me and asked “Where are you going with the baguette?” In both cases I was carrying a baguette that was sticking out of my back pack.  This has happened several times and I am thinking that the baguette may have somehow enhanced my image and made me more fashionable. A baguette reminds the drivers that I am not a rude bike messenger but a decent citizen and suggests that they can treat me politely. Unfortunately there is a mismatch between my dirty bike and the sophisticated baguette.

ある朝、自転車で事務所に通う途中、トラックの窓からドライバーに挨拶をされた。フランスパンを担いで何処 へいくの?って感じ。他の自転車ライダーにも同じような声を掛けられたことがある。どちらの時も、裸のフランスパンをリュックサックに突き刺して走っていた。フランスパンには何かファッショ ナブルなイメージがあるみたいなのだ。僕が無謀なバイクメッセンジャーではなく、まともな市民であると了解するのだろうか、バゲット一本で周りの車は少し丁寧な運転になるようだ。自転車とフランスパンとのミスマッチ。

I guess this happens because people have respect for European culture. European customs are imported and considered high culture and fashionable. Even in NY a baguette or a high end bakery has a fashionable image. Wine also has a similar history. Wine is preferred to beer at a fancy reception. Sushi and Sake also. The current view of NY is not from the begging on the contrary it is a reflection of outer culture. Open café has no so popular 20 years ago, now it is a established image of NY.


A detour, but of course European items are preferred. One time when I was parking my bike beside a Lexus the driver yelled at me “watch out !! This is a expensive French car”. He did not know it is Japanese, exactly what the marketing company wanted people to think.



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