At our local Japanese food market we found a label stating “product of Tokushima” on a bottle of YUZU Japanese vinaigrette. It is the juice from the citrus fruit yuzu, which has an unusual and beautiful fragrance. Since I was born in the Tokushima region, I immediately misunderstood that it was SUDACHI, another type of citrus fruit. Yuzu is well known in Japan and getting to be known here in New York, it is often mentioned in the food section of the NY Times, but Sudachi is not as popular yet. Just 10 years ago Sudachi was a gourmet food even in Japan, only available at highend Japanese restaurants and in the Tokushima area where the citrus is grown.

徳島産ゆず酢は17ドル、結構な値段。500ccぐらいのビンの大きさで、こんなにたくさん買って使い切れるだろうか?愛郷精神と財布の間で板ばさ み…。 エエーイ!と、高知の北川産のゆずを代わりに買った。こっちは157cc、6ドルなり。北川なら、室戸の近く、徳島の南からはそれほど遠くない …

The cost of Yuzu was$17 at the shop for 500 cc.  Given the choice between patriotism and our wallet ……we took a smaller  bottle from Kitagwa in Kochi after all that was only $6. Our apologies to the Tokushima growers. Kitagawa is outside of the state of Tokushima but actually very close to  my home town.



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