RIVER WALK, Kita-ku TOKYO 北区滝野川リバーウォーク

It is often said that the cities in Japan all look the same, that they hardly have any character. Here is an exception in the northern part of Tokyo. The Takinogawa River from Oji to Itabashi is lined with a tree shaded pedestrian walkway. It creates a unique landscape, (and I think unique in the world too). When you exit the ticket gate at Oji station, you find yourself in a linear park. The walkway starts right in front of the ticket gate.The typical messy station entrance spreads out on the other side of the track.

Some of the buildings of Kita-ward city hall are sitting directly above this park, it is unbelievable but this is the center of the ward. The walkway continues 4 km along the winding river connecting several small parks. It is thick with the traffic of joggers, recreational walkers for recreation, picnickers, chatting gardeners, shoppers, and commuters hurrying to the station. It allows us to look inside the daily lives of those who live along the river as it cuts through the city, ignoring front or back yard boundaries. At spring time cherry blossoms cover the river and walkway, creating a tunnel of pink blossoms. I do not know of anywhere else like this in Tokyo. Actually this remind me the High Line which became the hottest place in New York, even it has quite different appearance and urban back ground.


RIVER WALK, Kita-ku TOKYO 北区滝野川リバーウォーク」への1件のフィードバック

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