RIVER WALK, Kita-ku TOKYO 北区滝野川リバーウォーク (continued,続き)

The rebuilding of the Kita-ku ward city hall was announced publicly today. Can we take advantage of the gift of being located on the Takinogawa river walk and build a new type of city hall building? We want to make a proposal that unifies the river walk, the parks and the public services located within city hall. It will be unique and pleasurable place with a link between the river walk and the city government making it a part of the linear network. Instead of making daunting monumental or symbolic gestures which belong to an older age if we look for new ideas we can create something different that gives us a true open public space.
A new French international school, lycée recently moved to Takinogawa, facing the river walk. By chance(?) a new bistro opened near Oji station with a French cordon-blue chef. The area will be changing now, for the better! The food is excellent.




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