Where is this? You may misunderstand it is a developing city in china, if you do not notice the Sky Tree, which was completed this year in Tokyo and is the highest communication tower  in the world right now. This is a view from the Tokyo office of Yoshihara McKee Architects. —- There are many messy low rise houses which look like they have survived from the  1960’s when The Tokyo Tower was built to celebrate the Tokyo Olympic Games similar to how the  Eiffel Tower in Paris celebrated the World Fair —– and the new high rise apartment building is announcing that it doesn’t care about urbanism; “I  followed the code, what is wrong?”  Is it fun to imagine how this view will be in 50 years?  The same as it is now or filled with high rise towers like this abruptly emerging one? We want to look for better options than either of them, don’t we?


By the way, is the tower beautiful?
I have a lot to say about it, but let me postpone doing that for 50 years. The Eiffel Tower was hated by the Parisian’s who thought it was seriously ugly when it was unveiled.


SKY TREE TOWER @ TOKYO スカイツリー」への2件のフィードバック

  1. I love this view, looking across the sent and ordinary blocks to the peculiar looking spire that looks like it might be a painted backdrop rather than anything real. I think one of the amazing things about cities is their ability to continually re-establish the backdrop of daily life, so that now the tower however remarkable it is becomes unremarkable even as it trains the eye in a different way. Bet you haven’t been up in it yet.


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