Kips Bay Plaza, 広場に変えよう

For the past three months the service road on second avenue has been closed to traffic and has been transformed into a public plaza. It is amazing how people, astro turf and  a few chairs can transform a space. Our area of NY has very little open space, and it turns out that the streets are actually our largest public open areas, unfortunately they are reserved for cars… so anytime that a bit of space can be taken back it is wonderful. Over the summer there were 3 street festivals.  Last Saturday was the final one of the summer, and it had street croquet, badminton, music lessons and the hit of the day was a demonstration of the new bike share program. Great to see people of all ages out trying out the new Citibikes, they are easy to ride and there was a huge interest in how the system was going to work. I have been volunteering and  watering the trees on the dry mornings and helping to set up this event, also collected signatures on a petition to make this area into a permanent plaza.


There is a theater as part of the space where there were huge line ups for the “Dark Knight Returns”.  We brought pizza and water for the police standing guard, but I think they were very bored, a good thing I guess.



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