This is one of  many typical graveyards in Canada and it is where Sandy will be buried.  A large tree is set in the middle and under this tree there is an annual ceremony to remember those from the community buried there and to reunite families. We had a chance to propose the design of a graveyard  in Japan but large trees were immediately rejected. They said it is unusual to have a big tree. Actually my memories of graveyards are of the long hot summer days of  O-bon, working in the strong  sun to maintain the family grave.  Why not a cool shady spot?


If the branches of a big tree are hanging over the  grave stones the tree will not reduce the usable area even in a Japanese tight grave yard and they will create cool shade. That is our simple idea—is it too dark?  Some trees which have transparent leaves will generate a beautiful lacy golden shade, like the honey locust tree does. Will they fall down in a typhoon? I do not want to give up a nice space simply because of some thing that might happen, and not happen very often. Does it make sense to throw away a chance to have a great thing just to avoid a small negative problem?  We can insure them. If it is uneconomical to thin or trim the trees, we can let them grow naturally.  Some trees will survive even if some are felled by typhoons. There a many ways to solve a problem, aren’t there?

こうゆう風に墓石の上に大木の梢がくるようにすれば、狭い日本の墓地でも面積を取らないし、お盆の墓参りも涼しいだろう、という素朴な提案だっ た。暗くて陰気になる?ハニーローカスとか樹種を選べば、薄い葉を透けてきた緑の光で、美しい黄金の緑陰ができる。台風で倒れると大変かな?でも、まれに しか起こらないことを恐れて、すばらしい空間が出来るのを諦めたくない。一点の負の可能性のために大きな正の機会を捨てるのは良い智慧だろうか?昔と違っ て今なら保険に掛けるということもできる。剪定に手間がかかるのが問題?  なら、自然にほっとけばどうだろう? 毎年剪定するより安いし、台風で幾つかが倒れても他が残って全滅にはならないように確率計算をすればい い。策は色々あるんじゃないだろうか?どうだろう? ところで、カナダの墓場。ア音の行列にお気づき?カナダのハカバ!


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