For the past several years we have been attending the fundraiser for the IMSMP (International Multiple Sclerosis Management Practice), the project that we worked on to install their MRI. This year it was at the Pierre Hotel, a very fancy hotel that we were interested in seeing the inside of. It is totally outside of our day to day life in New York. It is very moving to see the support, and amazing to see how much some of the people are willing and can give. We have been struggling to make a conformable and encouraging design for the patients and researchers, but we refresh this goal every year when we attend the event and see people’s strong hope to find a cure.


Today is the election in the US and we have been bombarded daily with requests for money. There have been over a billion dollars spent on this election, it seems like such a waste. Think how far a billion dollars would go towards finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis, rebuilding the infrastructure that we so desperately need, getting food and power to those who suffered damage in the storm…

ところで、今日は大統領選の投票日。これまでに選挙活動のために集まった寄付金は両陣営合わせて1200億円相当ほどになっていると言う。なんと言う浪費だろう!! これが将来の対ハリケーン対策・整備に使われるとか、硬化症の治療法の発見のために使われるとすれば、どれほど人々が救われることだろうか。


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