FIFTH AVE. フィフスアベニュー

Another high-rise building in Manhattan? Well this is the scaffolding for the repair of  St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue. Without this scaffolding a Gothic facade (technically Neo-Gothic style off course) would be visible. Actually Mayor Bloomberg  is  planning to revise the zoning around this area to encourage  higher density. Someday Mid-Town may be filled with high-rises. The Pros and cons of this idea are being discussed about this now, we are concerned that the high rise buildings will march through our neighborhood and create a dark and windy city.

マンハッタン一番の目抜き通りにもう一つ高層ビルが建った?かと思ったら、これはローマカソリックの本山、セントパトリック大聖堂に架かった仮設やぐら。只今、大補修中。これがなければゴシック 様式( 正確にはネオゴシック )の正面が見えるはず。実際、ブロンバーグ市長は高層ビルを建て易くして、この地区の土地利用率を上げんと積極的に動いているらしい。そのうちミッドタウンの中心は高層ビルで埋まって、未来のマンハッタンはイメージが一変するかもしれない。ここにすでに住んでいる人々にとっては環境が悪くなるので、これには賛否両論が興っている。

The other day we walked down 5th Avenue to look at the street in the busy Christmas season; lots of shoppers,  tourists and Christmas light watchers all trying to share the streets and sidewalks. We were looking at ways to make pedestrian improvements including a bike path on this avenue. Fifth Avenue used to have wide sidewalks and as recently as 1950 had 2 way traffic. We see pros and cons rising here too, but we think that the main actors in city life should be the humans not the vehicles.



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