Easter Bonnets イースターのオリガミ帽子


photo by Patric M Bernet.  Click for bigger image

photo by Patric M Bernet. Click for bigger image

Last Sunday was the Easter Parade. We did not bring our hat from last year instead we  designed several origami versions this time. Fifth avenue was packed with people and after the service at St. Thomas, once we donned the hats we were continuously asked to pose for  photos, our change to be fashion models!  We could not move away from the church.  We were enjoying  our 15 minutes of fame. We had the chance to talk with many people out enjoying the spring weather and viewing the amazing creations that New Yorkers come up with. Some of these images here were taken by one of them. We finally wandered up Fifth Avenue an hour later.




Now here is a quiz; the 4 images below show the hats when they are opened and  flattened. Which one corresponds to which of the 5 hats?
We are going to post a video taken from the parade next week.



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