Kips Bay Plaza 広場にしよう 3


Democracy is difficult. The largest commercial neighbor of the plaza we are trying to create recently stated that they do not support creating a public plaza in front of their property. This is after working for three years to develop community support and having 2 presentations by the department of transportation. Why now! It seems so strange, the department of transportation (DOT) has been surveying and collecting data about other plazas that have been created in NYC and they found that businesses usually like public spaces.  People come and sit and chat, have a rest and shop more!

民主主義は難しい。3年にわたる働きかけで地域のコミュニティーから支持と応援をもらえるようになり、ニューヨーク交通局によるプレゼンテーションが市民に向けて行われるところまで来たけれど、今、問題が起こった。先日の二回目のプレゼンテーションで、このプラザに面する最大の土地所有者が反対を表明した。なぜ今になって?ニューヨーク市交通局は他の地域にある幾つかの似たプラザで調査し、データを集めてきた。それによれば、公共の空間はビジネスに役立つことが分っている。不可解 !! の一言、たくさんの人が来て、腰をかけ、そこに留まれば商売に繋がるはず。

presentation by NYC

presentation by DOT/ workshop 交通局のプレゼンテーションとワークショップ

A major part of the design is how to negotiate and make the parking, deliveries and roads work for the space. It is in the middle of the city and there are many different users that all need the space. At the public meetings people shared their ideas for how to use it; why not a dog park, or a reflecting pool and what about the noise of all those trucks. But in the end without the support of that neighbor the plaza will have to wait…we will keep trying, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to sit under an umbrella with a cold drink and watch the world go by…

地域の住民の支持無しではプラザは実現しない。パラソルの下に座って、冷えたグラスを手にして、世の過ぎ行く様を眺めるている…… そうしているところを夢見ながら続けてがんばろう。

from last summer

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