Magnolia モクレン


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This is at the Bronx Botanical Garden in New York. The photo above reminds us of a hanami cherry blossom party which is a spring ritual in Japan. From a distance these trees look like cherries but they are all Magnolias. One of the good things here is that the cherry trees are not monopolized  by groups having parties. And the best thing is there are no blue plastic sheets which are very popular in Japan but are too strong a color to balance with the ephemeral pink graduation of the clouds of blossoms. We took a short but damp nap (the blue sheets do have their purpose) under a gorgeous yoshino cherry. When we left the garden we bought a yellow magnolia for our own private hanami on our terrace.  But now how to carry it back with our bikes? After a lot of pondering we realized we could take it on the train that ends up at Grand Central Station.  This costume of a delivery man with a magnolia does not fit the terminal but you know the New Yorkers  hardly paid  any attention to us, just gave a short blink at the flowers. If we had been on a city bus in the Bronx somebody would have spoken to us about the rare color of our magnolia, but we would no have ben able to take the bikes. NYC buses do not carry bikes yet.




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