bike share 共用自転車、バイクシェア


Finally the bike share system has come to town!!!. We have been away and while we were gone very quickly many stations were installed. The program has turned out to be very popular, each day there are thousands of new members, on the tenth day there were 16,396 trips! Unlike Paris or other American cities which have the system, it has just started in New York. Even though we have our own bikes we registered; for instance if it is raining in the morning or if you do not want to lock up your bike we can grab a Citibike close to home. The first 45 minutes are free for those with a yearly membership of 95$. Short term rides are available for tourists or anyone wanting to give it a try for the day or for the week .  Stations are everywhere in midtown, you can find locations as you explore an area or on their website.  You will get a totally different impression of the city than by walking or taking the subway. It may be the most similar to the bus but you are not restricted by any route, you can take a detour at any time. Riding gives you a bigger range than walking. The bike is steady and has 3 gears so you will not have any problem in hilly New York (not as hilly as Tokyo though!). Is there any more convenient vehicle…..?!!! Find out more at Citibike . You can also see our involvement in the process here or here in this blog.

ついにバイクシェアが町にきた!!!。5月に最初のステーションが敷設されてから、どんどん増えている。まだ、パリや他の都市のように、いたるところと言う感じではないけれど、たくさんの共用自転車が走りだした。自家用の自転車を持っている私たちも早速に登録をした。一年間で95ドルの登録料で毎回45分間乗り放題。もちろん観光用の短期の登録もある。ステーションは町中にあって、その辺をちょっと探せば見つかるし、インターネットを使っても良い。歩くのとも地下鉄を使うのとも違う町が見えてくる。バスに一番近いけれど、ルートじゃないところも、どこでもいける。どこで道草をしてもかまわない。足で散策するように、気ままに遠くまで散策の足が延ばせられるようになる。車体はがっちりした感じで、変速も付いているから、坂が結構あるニューヨークも平気。しかも、要らなくなったら、行き先のステーションで乗り捨てられる。これほど便利な乗り物が他にあるだろうか……?!!! これまで私たちが関った経過はこちらこちらに。公式サイトはCitibike

blue bikes

station map


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