New York noise ニューヨークの騒音

I miss the old New York movies which had scenes of office workers sitting in front of an open window chatting with their colleagues or visitors. You hear the sound effect of horns from the traffic on the street and city noises like people selling newspapers. This gave you a  sense of the space of city and it’s vigorous activity. You knew you were in the middle of the city. Now a days you cannot hear them in your office or home, you close the windows and run the air conditioner all day long. Now the city is filled with the noise of air conditioners night and day.



Today, a man from the city government came to our apartment to check the noise levels. Our neighbors in each direction have equipped their buildings with central air conditioning systems, not with individual window units. From our window you can see a noisy intersection 60m away with 7 lanes of traffic on a main avenue, but the heavy traffic noise it generates is “nicely”  masked with this noise of air conditioners emitted by our neighbors 24/7.  How noisy to live here. His tool detected the noise level at the max 60 db inside our apartment. This means it is equivalent to the sound made by a typical alarm clock but running constantly. This is measured inside keeping the window open and standing back 3 feet. At the terrace it will be 70 or more. It means we are in the middle of a noisy factory. Actually you have to yell to talk there.  The New York code requires less than 45db for air conditioner noise in residences, although the inspector said that  is very hard to achieve now in Manhattan.

今日、僕らのビルの周りの騒音レベルを調べに市役所から人が来た。このビルの上下左右前後、文字通りに取り囲んで建っている住居ビルの屋上にはそれぞれ大きなエアコンが一台載っている。これらはそれぞれの建物の全住戸を一台で中央冷房をしていて、日夜を問わず轟々と音を立てている。この場所から60mぐらい離れたところに7車線の大通りの交差点が窓から見えているけど、その大交通量の騒音がこれらのエアコンの音に圧倒されて、ほぼ完全に聞こえない。彼の持ってきた装置は窓を開けた室内で最高60 dbを記録した。これは目覚まし時計が四六時中鳴り続けているのと同じレベル。テラスに出れば70かそれ以上になる。騒音の工場の中に住んでいるみたいなもんだ。実際、テラスでは叫ばないと話しができない。ニューヨーク市の基準では45以下でなければ違法だと彼は言う。実際にはしかし、マンハッタンでこれを満たすことは難しいらしい。 

There are 2  good ways  to solve the problem,  one is simply to replace them with the  machines made by foreign manufactures like  Mitusbishi or Daikin. You will see how quiet as we mentioned before. The other solution is that you close your windows and run your own air conditioner (even reluctantly)….. and help to add up the noise level in our already noisy city. Call it Dracula’s strategy.  Anyway in a centrally air conditioned building you pay a set maintenance fee no matter how much you use your air conditioner; no matter what temperature or how  long. You are completely discouraged from saving energy. Even if the outside is cooler than inside you never notice it and why bother? Actually we hardly ever see our neighbor’s opening their windows  even on lovely spring or fall days. This reminds me of the socialist idea many hate “why should I pay for something that someone else consumed”. If everyone conserved their electricity the bill would go down. ( Well to be fare, small individual air conditioners do not have the same efficiency as a big one which takes care of a whole building.) Our urban shared space ignis a dump for everything including heat, noise, smoke and exhaust air.  Maybe someday the only way to live in Manhattan will be to make the windows triple glazed and every residence will be equipped with air cleaners, humidifiers and conditioners. By the way when every body has turned into a vampire, who can they suck the blood  from ? Will they all starve to death then?

この騒音を逃れる良い方法が2ある。一つは日本製の機械と取替えること。前に述べたけれど、はるかに静かだから、劇的効果があるはず。もう一つは、窓を閉めて, ( いやいやでも) 自分のエアコンを入れて…今ここにある違法な騒音に一枚加わることだ。名づけてドラキュラ戦略。ともあれ中央冷房のシステムではいくら使おうが、電気代は各戸に一律に課されるので、節約しようという動機が育たない。だから外の方が涼しいときでも窓を開けるのは面倒だ。第一、窓をついぞ開けることがないので、そのことに気がつかない。社会主義的だという言葉が人を非難する言葉として大手を振って使われる国柄にしてはこれはとても奇妙に思える。人の使った分は死んでも払いたくない、というのが大方の信条だから。ガンガン冷やしたい人がその分たくさん電気代を払えば、それ以外の人の電気代が減るだろうのに。(効率の問題があるので、その通りには行かないが、全体で節約される。ここでの都市空間は熱や騒音、排気、煙、を捨てる吐き溜めかしらんと思う。そのために個人の空間はますます、空気洗浄器やエアコン、乾燥機(煤が着くので外では乾せない)が必需となるのだろう。ところで、世界中の人がみんながバンパイアになってしまったら、その後、誰の血を吸いに行くのだろう?共食いはできないから、その時バンパイア達は絶滅する?

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  1. To me the invention of air conditioning spelled the doom of tropical architecture, which prior to the 1950s featured high ceilings and natural ventilation systems. Today it is all about darkened windows, and tiny little boxes to maximize the effect of chilled air. Not to mention the noise factor that you see in New York. Thank you Sandy and Hiroki for your urban design insights once again.


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