Design Bureau デザインビューロー誌


Design Bureau, a publisher based in Chicago featured an interview with us in their July issue. We discussed origami, its 3 dimensional quality and how we incorporate that into our architecture… It is always interesting to try to talk about your work, what inspires and what is important and in the end the process is still a bit of a mystery.
The magazine features all kinds of design; fashion, furniture, etc, but this issue focuses a lot on architecture. We are not sure how they found our firm. That is also a mystery. Please take a look at a major book store ( Barnes & Nobles has it ) if you have chance.

シカゴの雑誌社、デザインビューローの7月号にぼくらのインタビュー記事が載った。折り紙とその3次元的な性質についてと、それを建築デザインにどう生かしそうとしているか話をした( と言っても、諸々の理由から、なかなか折紙と言えるとことまでは行かないげど… )。自分自身の作品について話すのはいつも当惑する。アイデアがどうやって浮かんだのか?何が大事だと考えていたのか?やっているときはあまり考えてないから。デザインプロセスはいつも少々ミステリー。


from Manhattan Residence

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  1. That’s wonderful! But can you post a link to the article itself? I couldn’t find it using the search function on the Design Bureau website. Congratulations anyway!!!

    • Thanks Edith,
      You need to pay to read their article. so we have uploaded the same picture with bigger resolution.
      Please click it, hopefully you can read the text.


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