Shikoku Island by bike 阿波の南へ


A year ago we posted about our short trips around a small town on Shikoku island in Japan. This year we took a couple of hours ride to a small peninsula on the Pacific Ocean in the opposite direction from our last trip. It is very tiny road that has thousands of  zigzags along the shore line. Only this one tiny road goes around the shore and periodically there is a retaining wall. The fact that the area is not easy to access keeps it from being exposed or over populated. It was so quiet and peaceful. We hardly saw anyone to ask where we were. As we imagined, as the road followed the ups and downs of the coast and sloped with every corner so that it was too tiring to finish the trip we had originally planed. We reached just ¼ of the full route of our destination, the tip of the peninsula. This infrastructure has been protecting just a few houses and tiny tiny farms up to the tip of the peninsula but with a huge construction cost. There is a lot of conversation about the possibility of a huge earthquake in this area. They say without doubt one of a similar size to that which hit Tohoku 2 yeas ago will come within the next 30 years.  At that time, the wall which wraps the shore line may not be tall enough to work. Let’s go home now before the rain hits and think about it later.

1年前、南四国にある小さな町の周りを自転車で尋ねた旅をここに載せた。今年はその反対側、小さな半島のある海側へ向かった。といってもその町から半島の付け根まで自転車で半時間あまり。とても小さい半島だけれど、子半島、孫半島で数え切れないほどの湾ができている。この辺から室戸までは南阿波と呼ばたりする。その海岸線に沿って、細い幾重にも綴れた道が一本だけ通っている。車で県庁まで1時間だけれど、 このアクセスの大変さがこの地域を人目をから隠しているのだろう。とても静かだ。僕らがどこにいるのか誰かに聞きこうとしたが、誰にも会わない。綴れごとに出くわす坂で、案の定疲れてしまった。目的地の半島の先端まで、まだ残る4分の3の道のり、直ものさしで計ったら付け根から一キロも来ていない。海岸線に沿う擁壁は南海地震の後で作られたのだろうか?全海岸線を包んでいる壁で数十年間守ってきたのは猫の額のような農地と数件の農家。この擁壁の無かった太古の海岸線を想像してみる。ほんのちょっと前までそういう景色が広がっていたんだ。この30年内には東北を襲った地震と同じサイズの大地震が間違いなく来るらしい。おそらくその時は、この擁壁も役に立たないだろう。ここまで考えたら空がますます怪しくなってきた。今は帰路を急ごう。後で考えても間に合うだろう。

Shikoku Island by bike 阿波の南へ」への2件のフィードバック

  1. So beautiful. I just bought a bicycle but in Hong Kong, it is difficult to find roads with less traffic although the scenery is perhaps equally beautiful to Shikoku. The bicycle salesman was planning to do a century through Hong Kong’s New Territories last weekend — ie 100 kilometers. I was amazed!

    • We were on Hiroki’s Moms friends bikes, a bit of a challenge for long legged foreigners. The coast is beutiful and winds through several fishing villages. You will have to come with us next time!


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