7 Bikes Stolen in 12 years, 12年で7台 自転車が盗まれる

In the last post we wondered how flour was pumped to a store at a bakery. Now I have a new idea. What about blowing it with fast air flow ? This seems very possible, but what will happen at the end of the pipe? Where does that huge volume of air go? And the flour that escaped into the air? Probably deeply in the storage of the bakery somewhere everything is completely covered with flour dust. Everybody coming from that area has a white face. Are there any scenes like that in a Chaplin or Keaton movie? Does not sound right. Then how?



Soon after we wrote the last post this bike was stolen. The bakery funded it last December. The police came quickly although somehow one hour was spent registering this crime. Of course, we cannot expect that the bike will be returned. But it is too shameful to just let the bike disappear, and I hate that the bakery’s favor ended up in nothing. We used it for just 9 months. Let me up-date our old post to 7 bikes  stolen in 12 years.  If you find this beautiful silver woman’s bike please contact us.

When the bike was stolen, a bike was left unlocked on the sidewalk right next to it. It is as if the person switched his/her bike for our new bike. So I left a note on the bike for the unknown owner to call me. So far no call. The police detective and I have been talking on the phone, and he recommended having the police collect this other bike. When I called the police the same policeman came as the night it was stolen, but he did not want to take it, saying they had no right to remove it. OK! Nothing to do now. I went shopping. When I returned the police were driving off with the bike in the trunk!!…..hmmmm what is going on??

さて本題。前回のブログを書いた後まもなく、パン屋に貰ったこの自転車が盗まれた。警察に知らせてすぐ、警官が来た。かれこれ一時間も費やしたけれど、もちろ ん自転車が返ってくるなんてことは期待していない。しかし、ただ盗まれるに任せるのは情けない。中古自転車の代わりに新品のスポーツ車を くれたパン屋の厚意に対しても悪い気がする。彼らから貰ったのは昨年末だったから、たった9ヶ月しか使ってない。これで、盗まれた自転車は12年で7台ということになる。

この盗難騒ぎには続きがある。消えてしまった自転車のあったすぐ隣に別の自転車が置かれてあった。何日たってもその自転車の乗り手が現れないので、まるで自分の自転車を乗り捨て、消えた自転車に乗り換えたみたいに見えた。担当の刑事とは電話で話しをしていたけれど、結局、「 その自転車のある場所から110番に通報して、この自転車を警察に引き取らせるように 」、と言われた。そのとおりにしたところ、この前の警官が現れた。ところが、「引き取れない、その権限がない」と言う。仕方なく買い物をして帰ってきたら、その警官がこの自転車をトランクに載せて現場を去ろうとしている。一体どうなってるんだろ? 



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