Wave Hill Garden,ウェイブヒルガーデン


We have come here by bicycle many times. We ride over a very steep hill from the last stop on the No.1 subway line, but now that we have “lost” one of our bikes our only option is public transportation. From Grand Central Terminal there is a train that is about a 20km 25 minute ride to a station on the Hudson River, then a 10min walk in a quiet residential area to the garden.  Even New Yorkers may not know this area exists so close to the center of the city. ( click any photo for the slide show) Many high end residential areas in NY have big trees but these big trees seem to have been there since the first settlement of NY (well maybe not 400 years, but they are wonderfully tall).

ここへは自転車でよく来た。最寄の地下鉄駅で降りて、乗せた自転車で丘越え一つをしていたものだ。けれど、自転車がなくなった今は、その代わりに電車で来ることになる。20kmの旅。東京で言うと新宿駅から府中駅とか志木駅とかという距離か?グランドセントラル駅から 25分の電車の後、住宅地の中を10分の歩き。多くのニューヨーカーさえもこの辺を知らないのじゃないだろうか?。ニューヨーク近辺高級住宅地に植わる巨木でさえ二次林だけれど、この辺の大きな木は入植の時からのものとさえ思わせる。(クリックにてスライドショー)

How did they keep this environment? Provably having a house here was ridiculous at the time they were built. The location is incredibly close to the center compared with other big cities even though it must have been a totally outlying fringe area at the time they were built. Even after the value of the land was raised with the growth of the city, developing here might have been difficult because of the physical restrictions of the hilly landscape. We were thinking while we were walking, imagining the history, and enjoying the scenery when suddenly we were at the gate of the garden. The next post will be about the garden inside.


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  1. ah yes, the joys of urban living, well maybe just new York living. The next one is going to be a folding bike so I can take it everywhere with me, everywhere….maybe wear it as a bracelet.



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