UN General Assembly 国連総会


First Avenue is empty except  for fire  engines. 国連正面の通りは空っぽ、消防車の列を除いて。

Here is the annual mess that occurs each fall. In East Midtown the general assembly of the United Nations is in session. Some of our neighbors call it “the week from hell”, well maybe, if hell involved a lot of traffic jams, barricades everywhere, swarms of police and sirens. Hopefully there is more to it than that…



At Second Avenue; one street over from the UN is located, one lane is kept for red cones and another one for high level officials and police to speed through.The other side of the street is…


Chatting police and secret service. Double parking ? No problem!, we do it all year long.

I was riding my bicycle up First Avenue towards the UN. The dedicated bike lane was full of police cars, I stopped at the light and I asked the policeman ”Are you giving them tickets for parking in the bike lane?” He answered ” I had a whole lot more up ahead to ticket.”  A bit further along and I was told to get off the street and ride on the sidewalk, something that really annoys the pedestrians and can get you a $150 fine. I mentioned that to the group of chatting police.  They said “Blame it on the President!”.


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  1. I am not sure NY urban plan is the ” best ” and functional. It is boring and predictable compering with naturally grown cities like in the old world. We have many ways to make old cities functional potentially, I think. I am realizing Tokyo is way more interesting than NY these days.



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