Manhattan View マンハッタンの眺め


We have been trying to post photos which you would not see in other locations; like guidebooks. So there have not been no touristy photos of skyscrapers, Rockefeller Center, or Central Park over the past 2 years of posting. But recently we had the chance to go up to the terrace of a high rise in Brooklyn and take pictures from this unusual “height”. We know it must be amazing and spectacular from all the photos we have seen from the Brooklyn side; so no doubts!! But we reconfirmed that reality exceeds the imagination. It was breathtakingly beautiful!!. I believe it must be the same reaction from almost everyone. It does not depend on any cultural or ethnic background or special knowledge- I think without exception. Can we really say so? Probably yes, but why is that so? ( click photos twice to enlarge )




By the way, thousand and millions of lakes in North America are lined with private houses. It may not be too much to say that lakes attract people with a universal beauty. In fact appreciating nature as a beautiful object does not have a long history. Two or three centuries ago people climbed mountains with a religious motivation but not for fun. At that time lakes were open to everybody.

We do not have enough space here to discuss it, but we wanted to respect this ideal of universal beauty. We want to design and pursue beauty based on something that is universally understood. Fashion is in the kingdom of cultural references and context; they are almost the most common method of designing. Art and music also rely on many cultural references. Without a cultural reference how much can we design? Besides Manhattan skyscrapers, what else is universally beautiful? Knowing that may help this discussion. What about fireworks? What about views from mountains or the highest point? Do they have something in common?




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  1. Beauty is also felt and tasted — so even a tiny room can have a kind of universality. But there is something about a distant view of peaks and valleys — which might as well be the Manhattan skyline — inspires. From when we were living in caves and mountains represented security? Fireworks = the security and comfort of a controlled fire? To me the most beautiful sight is the ocean, in all its forms, and I wish architecture could express the same kind of fractal logic in line and form.


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