Faculty “Spot Light” スポットライト展


Fordham is having a “spotlight” gallery exhibit of faculty, 3 members of the visual arts department were selected…a film maker, a painter and an architect. We wondered how they would be combined and surprisingly it all works. It is always interesting to juxtapose architects and artists work. For architects it is a bit like showing the workings of the machine, the drawings, models, and renderings are all part of explaining a final space but they can never really capture it. Even photographs of the completed work do not give the full story. You really have to visit the place and experience it. Our exhibited objects are just a representation of the real building but not a complete piece, not like a painting or a video which are the final product. What a huge disadvantage!!, it is so hard to bring a completed building into a gallery.



As designers we go back and forth between representation and the real product and reconstruct the building in our brain, but non- architects may not be able to do that (we are not sure when we were taught this ability or if it is why we became architects). This may be similar to musicians who can listen to the music with just a score. (we mentioned the similarity of designing architecture to movie making, but in a sense architecture may be closer to music!) An extensive exhibition of Le Corbusier’s work was recently exhibited at MOMA. It included full scale mock ups from some of his projects but unfortunately they failed to represent the real spaces; but it is inevitable because it is like hoping the audience will enjoy the full piece of music from just several fragments. We challenge museums to find a better way to enable viewers to feel and understand the real buildings.



As a matter of fact you may not need to see the real buildings. We often say it is disappointing, the photos were much better than the reality. So even if we try to take good pictures of our own work by ourselves, we find out later that we should have asked a professional photographer to take them. Speaking of photos being better that reality, at the opening we met the lead actor in the film that was shown… Mr. Frankie, much better in reality than in the film, take a look for him in the photos (carefully perched)…




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