Can You Hear Me? 聞こえますか?

The New York Times reported on the noise level at a football stadium where at a recent game they recorded 137 db. They were trying to set a record for the Guinness book of records. 120db is the equivalent of standing in front of an airplane propeller, 130 db results in physical pain and 140 db is standing in front of an airplane jet engine. It is impossible to imagine how loud that is. There is a gentleman in the photo who is wearing headphones. I guess this is for sound isolation or he is listing to the live announcements. What?,. listening to music?! …. this is not a joke.

ニューヨークタイムス一面の記事によると、あるアメリカンフットボールの観客席で応援の叫び声による騒音が137デシベルを記録したらしい。主催者はギネスブックに載せたいのだそう。120が飛行機のプロペラエンジンの直前、130が肉体的な苦痛を感じる、140がジェットエンジンの近くだそうだから、想像不可能。写真の左端にヘッドホーンをした人がいる。遮音用だろうか?、でなきゃ実況放送を聴くため? ええ 何?何だって?音楽を聴いている!?…これは冗談にあらず。


The New York Times also reported the risk that waiters in the city have of damaging their ears. At many restaurants you have to yell to communicate with your friends at your table. The worst case is you need to put your mouth 4 inches away from their ear then yell. When they finally hear you they need to do the same thing the other way around. Often we found that our throats hurt when we came out of restaurant. New Yorkers go to restaurant to be exited not to relax. The New York Times has a section in the restaurant guide where one of the evaluation categories is loudness, but you need to slide the standard, moderate really means loud. There was a sushi restaurant which got “tranquil” rating, I think it means ‘moderate’ (Why didn’t we post any pictures of attractive restaurants here? Because it is too dark to take them. We try to read menus with candles so close it almost catching fire, but typically it does not help. Of course food is something like a dark object.)  …. this is not a joke.

I tried to translate GET LOUD in Japanese, which turns out to be kind of impossible. Probably the direct command may be appropriate using something like YELL. The organizer of the game said ”people do not come here to read”. Some people hate to be restricted. Probably the ability to damage your hearing by yourself is one of their basic human rights. I hope someday they will put a sign “SURGEON GENERALS WARNING: Hearing Loud Yelling Can Cause Hearing Impairment” or “Yelling Too Much May Cause Throat Cancer”…. bad joke.


写真の看板にはGET  LOUDとある。直訳すると、大声になれ と言うことだけれど。「さけべ!」とでも訳せばいいのだろうか、なんともうまく訳せない。日本語下ではそんな状況が存在しないからか。主催者いわく、「ファンは本を読むためにここに来るんじゃないんだぜ」 だそうな。自由を尊ぶお国柄としては、難聴になるもの基本的人権の内なんだろう。そのうち、席の上あたりに「健康に害する可能性があるため、応援のしすぎには注意しましょう」なんていう注意書きが貼り付けられるかも。…悪い冗談。


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