Christmas Make-up #1 クリスマスの飾りつけ




Since our bike was stolen our life has changed a lot. We use the bike share system but hardly ever go north of 59th St in Manhattan or the Bronx where the system has not reached yet. So we ended up hanging around the commercial district of midtown Manhattan today, just a few days before Christmas. The temperature went up to 20 C and a lot of people came out to Fifth Avenue around Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas ornaments and displays in the shops. We thought there would be nothing new to report in our blog, but actually we found many interesting things. The range of decorations is quite large. Some are window displays, some are building ornaments and some are very modest façade ornaments, some displays were not for the Christmas but we had not noticed them before.



Now here we are at THE tree and plaza. Every time I see the tree I wonder why they don’t grow a tree in a gigantic pot and decorate it instead of cutting down the trees and throwing them out every year (We did it at Tokyo international Forum! ). Possibly the perfect shape is difficult to keep; and removing the tree may be extremely difficult. It may be easy to cut a perfect tree in the forest and discard it when the season ends. This is possibly a practical explanation. We complained about the discarded trees on the streets in last year’s post. There is another explanation for this highly ritual event. Possibly people need to sacrifice something, or some sense of freshness. Originally a tree was brought inside the house to celebrate the season. To bring a natural freshly cut tree inside was meaningful but is actually unnatural. If you decorate it outside maybe it does not make sense. So this convention was imported to the exterior in a more public situation but cannot be altered to the more natural way of using a live tree in a pot. You need to sacrifice something. Is it too rare idea?….maybe, though they say celebrating with a Christmas tree was originally a pagan ritual.

そしてやってきました!ロッカフェラーセンターの大クリスマスツリー。これを見るたびに毎年思うことがある。どこかからこの木を切り倒して運んでくる代わりに、ここに巨大な植木鉢を置いてその中に生きた木を育てないのはどうしてだろうか?(東京フォーラムではやったよ!)たぶん完璧な形を保つのが難しいかもしれない、そうなったときに既存の木を移すのもひどく難しいだろう、という現実的な理由が挙がるかもしれない。だれど、他にもっと深い理由があるのじゃないか?もしかしたら、この祝祭に「犠牲」の要素が必要なんじゃないか?もともとはクリスマスツリーは祝いをするために、外から家の中に持ち込まれたもの。新たに切られた(殺された)新鮮な木を室内に持ち込むことは意味があるものの、ひどく反自然なことじゃないだろうか。外で、生きた木を飾ることはおそらく意味が無い。つまり、ロックフェラーセンターでのこの毎年のしきたりは 室内に持ち込まれた木を再び外の公の空間に持ち出すことに違いない。だから生きた木を鉢に植えて祝うというような、より「自然」な方法へは帰れない、のではないか?何かを生贄にしないと再生産を祝福できないのでは?ちなみにクリスマスツリーは元々は正統なキリスト教のしきたりでは無くて、ヨーロッパ北部の土着信仰が混じったものらしい。僕の理論は穿ちすぎかな?


Christmas Make-up #1 クリスマスの飾りつけ」への2件のフィードバック

  1. You inspire me to start decorating my bonsai trees instead of buying a murdered fir — but they smell so wonderful and definitely bring out my pagan tendencies!


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