Sidewalk Smoked Meat 路上で燻製する

It has been very cold, but it is mild today.  We are lucky, we needed to visit a site in Brooklyn where they are  planning to build a theater inside. This was one of the walk-throughs held  by the  New York City Department of Design and Construction to organize  the design of their public facilities in New York. We have been coming out from our cozy corner to  many unfamiliar places in New York. We need to understand the site conditions then  submit a proposal for the work involved.   The visit today was for the renovation of a building that was  actually designed by a firm I used to work for, but this was the first time to visit it.

このところずっと酷く寒い日が続いていた。今日は市の建設局(DDC)が主催する新しいプロジェクトの現場説明会に参加しないといけない。幸運なことに今日はとても暖かい。プロジェクトの設計に先立って、それぞれの敷地で説明会がある。説明会があるたびに、居心地の良いところから引き出されて、ニューヨークのあちらこちら、知らないところへ行かされる。今回の説明会はブルックリンにある児童博物館の改修プロ ジェクトをデザインするためのものだった。この説明会で現場の状況を理解した上でDDCへプロポーザルの提出をすることになる。実はこの建物は私がかつて 所属していた事務所の作品だったのだけれど、中を見たことはなかった。内部に納められるべき劇場はまだ作られていない。外側でお金を使い果たしてしまったんじゃないかな?


The requirement to understand the site forces us to come here but it is actually fun to see so many interesting areas. Today I came to Brooklyn, next week I will go to the far end of Staten Island. Near the station on the  way back to Manhattan I saw a cloud of black smoke on the sidewalk which looked like a fire is happening. But I realized they are just  making  smoked meat, or maybe they are bar-b-queuing?  It is definitely not allowed in Manhattan. Fire trucks will come immediately. I have never seen something like this on city streets. On the platform of the station almost always a beautiful view is waiting for you. Let’s enjoy the rumbling of the whole station now, our train is pulling in.



Sidewalk Smoked Meat 路上で燻製する」への1件のフィードバック

  1. Beautiful Edward Hopper-like photographs…they make me feel the big sky and rust shades of much of the city. Hope the polar vortex has left by now!


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