Crossing Manhattan クロス マンハッタン


bus terminal toward the tower of G.Washington bridge
バスターミナル ジョージワシントン橋の橋塔に向かって。この下に大動脈が埋まっている。

We wrote we have not come out from our cozy corner since we lost our bike, but anyway it is cold so not so pleasant-but we have the subway!! This is northern Manhattan, where multiple traffic routes pass from long island to the mainland through Manhattan. These 10 lanes of traffic connect from the spaghetti highway interchange to the George Washington bridge and are mounted with 4 slabs of public highrise housing and a bus terminal. The ride underneath is a sort of futuristic experience but not pleasant; dusty, dark and noisy. This infrastructure was built by Robert Moses in the 60’s as part of his overall traffic network.

自転車が盗まれてからあまり遠出をしなくなったと書いたけれど、冬の間はいずれにしても寒すぎて遠出はしづらい。でも、今は地下鉄がある。ここはロングアイ ランドからマンハッタンを経由して本土に渡るところ。両端のスパゲッティーが絡まったような高速道路のインターチェンジからジョージワシントン橋の間の 10車線ほどの大動脈の上に4棟の高層アパートとバスター ミナルが文字通り乗っている。車で通り過ぎると近未来的といえばいえなくもないが、埃だらけのコンクリートで囲まれた薄暗い殺伐とした空間の中、騒音と排気ガスを突っ切って行くのは楽しいとは言い難い。これも60年代にロバート・モーゼズが計画したニューヨーク大交通網の一環。彼によってニューヨークの都市構造や景観がガラリと変わってし まった。


from the left; G.Washington Bridge, spaghetti, bus terminal, slab housing,spaghetti again

The raised metropolitan expressways in Tokyo are the result of this same movement in city planning, although nobody knows who built them in Japan, they say it was a collective decision. Here in the US you can tell who built this and there is a lot of debate about whether is was a good or bad idea. Of course many people helped in the construction but who was responsible is very clear. In the environment of western language, you cannot have a sentence without it having a subject. This is obvious in English, but for Japanese it is different, even the speaker does not clearly recognize what the subject is. For English speakers every action requires a subject; who did it. I recall this almost every time I see Moses’s work. Many Japanese have no problem to communicate with each other without making clear what or who the subject is.That is impossible in English. Many Japanese feel (so think and then say) that natural phenomena are done without a subject, in other words they just happen. An object is seldom the subject, only people or animals can become the subject. A culture where the subject can be vague will be quite different from one where it is always required.

この都市改造の熱は東京の首都高建設の火元でもある。ただし、首都高速を誰がやったのか誰も答えられないのとは異なって、ここではきっちりと個人の名前が挙げられる。日本では決定は集団でなされると言う声も聞くし、モーゼズ彼一人がやったのではないのはわかっている。さらに、西洋の個人主義(人類の歴史は個人の業績の積み重ねであるという史観の意味で)の影響を差し引くべきだろう。しかし、それにしても行為の主体ははっきりしている。この文化圏では世の中のすべての行為は、誰がやったのか、主語がはっきり発音される。モーゼズの仕事を見るたびにこのことをいつも思い返させられる。主語なしで英語が話せないように、何をするにも「誰」 ということが、ほっておいても、いやがおうでも明らかに示される。すべての行為には主体が存在するということは彼らにとっては、当然すぎて意識さえされない。受身形にして曖昧にする手もあるが、話者の頭の中にはキチンと主語がある。いったん話をしたり書いたりすれば自動的に主語が出てきてしまう。そんな主語なしでは会話できない言語の下の文化と、無しでも何とか分かるはずだという言語の下での文化の違いはかなりのものになるだろうと思う。


slab housing アパート4棟、

One day I tried to take a picture of a public pool in Tokyo but they prohibited it to protect peoples privacy. I said OK I will come early before there is anyone in the pool. But they said “No you cannot”. I asked why. They said you are not supposed to do it. I asked why? There will not be any people in my photos. They just repeated you are not supposed to do it. I asked who made this rule? They just kept saying you are not supposed to do it. I gradually started to realize that they did not understand my question, who made the rule? For them this rule was not made by someone but it has just always been there. Asking who made it makes no sense for them, and so they have never been asked that question. Quite often in Japan it is not a problem who is responsible if it is not clarified. People do not ask who, it is more like a natural phenomenon that happened.



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  1. With apologies to Rem Koolhaus, Robert Moses is also the father figure behind the expansion of podium style architecture in Hong Kong and China, where apartment towers rise above a mess of railways, shopping centres, and parking garages.


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