Down to Torno トルノへ降りる


This is again continued from our visit to Como, from our hike on one of the mountains surrounding Lake Como. A cable car took us to the very top of the mountain, then we walked along the mountain keeping the same altitude. The steep slope does not look accusable for normal cars. How do they come from the road at the lake level? How do they live here? Do they commute to town of Como…..???  They look like farmers leading an isolated country lifestyle but there are signs that they also enjoy an urban life. 2 hours from the cable station close to the summit brought us to a old monastery. It looks abandoned… probably too isolated from the city. A tiny village below might have supported the monastery in the past. The buildings are old and tired but very beautiful. How do they maintain this sense and why do they need it?



looks like a farmers house? 農家のたたずまい。


Put wine and pasta on the table…. テーブルにワインとパスタを置いて…。





We descended the path down to Torno. The paint is peeling off, the stone walls are rough, and the pavement is not perfect- but again beautiful. Doors and fences are made of steel…rusted, in a traditional design, there are no aluminum windows or other modern industrial products. The narrow streets converge to a tiny port. Boats stop here on the way to Como after picking up passengers at other ports along the lake. That was the first time we saw any tourists, those waiting for the boat.

山道をどんどん下ってトルノの町におりた。壁ははげ、石壁はでこぼこ、石畳はもひとつスッパリしない。ここでもまた町並みは綺 麗とはいえず、むしろ古くて、薄汚れている。しかしなんとも美しい。扉や柵は昔のスタイルのまま、鉄が錆びている。アルミ製品、新建材はぜんぜん見つけら れない。波止場に向かって何本か細い道が続いている。コモ湖の各所をめぐる乗り合い船がここに寄ってゆく。ケーブルカーの駅を出てから、初めて観光客らし き人々を目にした。


The time table on the ticket booth tells that we missed the boat by few minutes. What time is the next boat? The officer opened the fins of the blind behind him with a big gesture, mimicking peeping into the distance and said “ in 4 minutes!!” The next boat was approaching.
時間表を見るとたった今、船が発ったらしい。「今度はいつ出るの?」と切符売りに聞いたら、後にあるブラインドの羽 根の隙間を大げさに広げ、覗いている真似をして、「4分後!!」…….。羽根の間から白波をたてて近寄ってくる船が見えた。


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