Como コモ湖


We finally visited Como Italy where I had been telling my friend that we were coming to visit him for decades but had never managed it. Como is famous for works designed by Giuseppe Terragni, an Italian modernist architect, although we also wanted to see the town and villages around the lake. We arrived on a narrow zigzag road along the edge of the lake after a 30 minute bus ride from Como. We got off the bus one village before his stop and explored, we had some time before meeting  him.  Soon a question came to our minds; why is everything so beautiful? Why can’t we have this in the US and Japan?

この10年、行くぞ行ぞ、と言いながら、いつも諦めていたイタリアの友人をついに訪ねた。場所はスイス国境に近い湖畔の町コモ。 ミラノから北へ鈍行で一時間足らず。イタリア近代建築の先駆者ジュゼッペテラーニの作品のある町としてもよく知れたところだけれど、それよりもこの町と湖畔の村々を見たかった。コモの町から湖畔に沿ってバスで30分ほど、恐ろしく曲がりくねった細い道路を来た。日本の山奥にある寒村への道々を思い出す。時間があったので手前の村でバスを降りて、道草をすることにした。最初に考えたことは、なぜこんなに美しいのだろう?ということだった。日本にも同じような条件の町は五万とある。日本の建物に比べて、ここの建物が新しいわけでも、”きれい”なわけでもない。もっと汚れているかもしれない。それなのになぜなのだろう?


Como city is located in the valley at the end of the lake. 湖の端、山に挟まれた谷にコモの町がある。 (Click images for bigger image. どの写真もクリックで大写しに。)


The houses there are not eccentrically designed, they are an ordinary generic design, and beautiful. But there is no doubt that the beauty relies on the individual houses.   The View of Manhattan skyscrapers is beautiful but it would not be revised even if each building were beautifully designed,  the beauty of  the mass group has little to do with the individual building. Definitely the orange roofs are working well to contribute to the scene. Is it a sense of homogeneity? Subdivisions in north America have way more homogeneity. But no two houses are the same here. Of course the lake between beautiful steep mountains and the building materials are big factors but they do not seem to be enough to explain why.

We took a small walk from his home into the mountains through the river valley. A rural landscape emerged. I cannot believe this is just 1.5 hour by local train and bus from Milan. His apartment is located right on the shore of the lake.


彼 の家から、山に向かって、数分歩くと、すぐに山奥のような景色が現れる。ここがミラノから鈍行列車とバスで1時間半のところだとは信じがたい。彼の家は湖に面している。


Next post will be from the town of Como. 次回はコモの町から




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