Sunset on the Grid マンハッタンヘンジ


Most of the streets in Manhattan follow a strict grid pattern. Ancient China also had grid systems whose regularity demonstrated the power of the dynasty and expressed the legitimacy of the political status. But New York’s grid is based on a totally different motivation. They believed the grid functioned better, was safer and more hygienic than the historical patterns. I guess it was also a symbol of equality. Every building is exposed to the street which brings all of the circulation of the city; all deliveries-everything goes in and out from the street side. The streets are a mixture of loading docks for garbage trucks and also fancy residences or shops. Any point you pick is almost the same as any other arbitrary point you pick. You never have a discovery like” I have been in this neighborhood but never noticed that path leads somewhere else” or in other words, everywhere is anywhere. There is no singular point. NY is considered an extremely exciting city but in terms of the city street layout, it is rather boring. From its coordinate number each point is unique of course but similar to all the others. The buildings are all kind of chips/fragments pinned onto the abstract coordinates and will be replaced when no longer functioning. The townscape will forever keep up a constant exchange of old for new, every moment is a fragment. Tokyo or other older cities are much more interesting to explore or even live in.

マンハッタンのほとんどの地域は完全な碁盤の目の上にあ る。古代中国でも碁盤の目の都市計画があったけれど、国家統一のシンボルとしてアッピールするためだった。NYの碁盤はそれとはぜんぜん違って、最も機能 的なレイアウト としてデザインされたらしい。古代にはその規則性、一貫性が異常な感じを出して効果抜群だったかもしれないけれど、現代の都市で、この都市構造はどう見ても面白くない 。町のどこか、任意に一点をピックアップしても他のどこかと変わりない。町を歩いても、「あれ、前にこの辺へ来たことがあるけれど、あの裏はここに繋がってたんだ!」とか、「いつの間にかこんなところに来てしまった、こんなところがあったんだ」といった発見がまるでない。すべての場所が他のどこかと同等で変わりがない。言い換えれば、特異な点、ユニークな場所がどこ にもない。そこに建っている建物のデザインによって、他の通りとは違うことがかろうじて判るものの、それ 以外は今どこにいるのか判じられない。NYはエキサイティングな町だと思われているけれど、これほど退屈は町は他にあるだろうか?それに比べて、東京は本当に面白いと思う。


This rigid townscape has an exceptional moment which is happening now- Manhattanhenge .Twice a year (of course) the sun sets at the end of every street, approximately 20 days before and after the summer solstice. The direction of the grid aligns with where the sun hits the horizon. Actually the weeks around these days are spectacular. The orange glow is not happening inside the camera or a reflection from the buildings. The air itself is glowing with scattered light. If the grid was tilted more we would not see this.








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