Roof Top Gardens 2 屋上テラス 2


Most of the roof gardens in New York are private. They may be a small contribution to the overall  environment of the city but they help to keep it clean, cool and beautiful, and they represent New Yorker’s love of nature. The pictures below are selected from a 360 degree view from the top of a building in Midtown. This scene is very common. Among many green roof top gardens, these were just the nearest ones.  The chairs and tables help you to imagine how people enjoy their roof top life.


These days green roofs are becoming a buzz word world wide even though the layers of soil give an additional load on the building and push up the construction cost, particularly in earthquake areas. For existing older buildings, it is hard to add soil on the roof.  But planters and pots are a solution. Actually most of the plants on NY roof tops are in planters. Pots do not contribute to the cooling of individual buildings but if every roof had a tree imagine how much cooler it would be.  These plants help to shade, reduce the heat of the city, provide a source of evaporation and are visually cool. I believe New York is one of the greenest at the roof top level. What about Tokyo? The images below are taken from a high-rise.

最近、 環境維持、エネルギー節約の観点から屋上緑化が各国で推奨されている。けれど、屋根の上に土の層を載せるようにすれば建物の負担が大きくなるので、地震のある地域ではとりわけ建設費が余計にかさむ。すでに建っている建物にはもう重過ぎる。軽い工法も提案されてきてはいるけれど、それでも面倒な工事になる。しかし、鉢植えならば建物の負担は問題にはならないじゃない?。ニューヨークの屋上の緑はほとんどが鉢植えだといって 間違いない。スーパーやインターネットで巨大な鉢が売られているのを良く見る。そして、日本の家庭用の自動の水遣りシステムよりずっと本格的な装置が安く手に入る。この地では、結構な規模の屋上庭園の設備が手軽に整えることができる。そして何よりも、空の下、緑の屋上で過ごす生活を愛する情熱がある。ちなみに、東京はどうだろうか?高層の建物からなら、たくさん見つかるかもしれない。




So many bare roofs-that are not utilized at all. It is said that people love nature… but their roofs are  forgotten. People are all locked out from using the roof. Why? How can they become so joyous at cherry blossom season with parties under the canopy of every cherry tree…it is a mystery to me.



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