Sandy Hook サンディーフック


Sandy Hook is located a 30 minute fast boat ride from the southern tip of Manhattan island. It is a 10km long shoal extended from the mainland of New Jersey. The ocean side is a chain of beaches. The whole shoal was covered under the big waves of hurricane Sandy several years ago. Probably because it is a national park there were free buses waiting for us at the pier when we arrived. There are lots of beaches to choose from (one clothing optional ). We decided on a beach that the staff recommended that was described as having a great walks . Our bus stopped at several beaches where there were life guards and as the park ranger said they have beautiful beaches but not much else-our beach had showers and restrooms but no venders except one food truck that was  closed when we left.



On the shoal there are ruins of an Artillery battery and an ammunition depot. Around the dock there are many unused residences for officers and support facilities for the soldiers. The houses look like they are just for officers. Suddenly I recalled a friend who retired from the Japan defense navy who explained his shock when he was invited by a high ranking US navy officers to his official residence. It was a huge mansion, incomparably bigger than my friends home who is the equivalent rank. He was totally intimidated. Like Governors Island it is not sure how these buildings will be used, the military has left.

洲の中には砲台、弾薬庫と思しき建物の廃墟が残っている。着いた船着場の回りには将官や兵士のための宿舎が今は使われずに残っていた。写真の建物は、それぞれ将 官一人の住まいだったように見える。不意に、自衛官を退職した友人のことを思い出した。アメリカ軍の同クラスの将官の宿舎に以前招かれたのだけれど、びっ くり仰天、自分の宿舎とは比べ物にならない大邸宅だったそうな。軍が去った後の官舎はどのように使われることになるのだろうか?前回のポスト、ガバナーズアイランドも同じ状況だった。




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