Teatro Pregones プレゴネス劇場


Today we came to the Bronx Pregones theater to see street performances. We arrived to the huge sound of salsa music- impossible not to dance to it. The event started with a bagpiper-we just missed him. We happened to find this event from a flier given out at Lincoln Center Out of Doors last weekend where we saw another musical event. We found Pregones in tiny letters in the list of venues. This time of year in NYC there are many free outdoor performances, almost everyday somewhere in the city. Concerts and operas in Central Park, dance instruction or out door concerts at Lincoln Center, you name it. This program at Pregones is one of them. The stage (on the asphalt) and seats (folding chairs) were set in the middle of the street. It was a block party- the whole street was converted into an amphitheater for an event titled as  La Casita; with poetry, music and dance. The performances dealt with language from many countries although many of these professionals were from the Bronx and stressed their relationship to it. We learned how to Beatbox ….saw some amazing flamenco dancing and heard Canadian first nation poetry.


Pregones is famous for Latino music and theater but it brings a very wide range of music types to the South Bronx. On our last visit we heard experimental music based on John Cage and the current works of John Zorn performed by a string quartet (therefore full of dissonances). There was a piano solo transcription of The Fire Bird by Stravinsky which we missed. New York city supports arts and cultural organizations and many theaters which are actively working to raising our cultural awareness . For this outdoor program  Pregones is working with Lincoln Center . But why do we focus on Pregones so much? In fact we are working for Theatro Pregones designing a space for the organization right now. Today’s performance started around 1 pm and ended in the evening. We understand New Yorker’s noise tolerance is incredibly high but it is amazing how the whole residential neighborhood enjoyed the vivacious sounds.

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  1. I know the space you design will be beautiful. Thanks for the wonderful reminder of New York’s street festivals — I loved them when I lived in New York in the early 1980s. Great to hear that they are going strong.



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