40 km (25 Miles) / h 制限速度40キロ


This is the 6th year they have held summer streets and it is now called a “yearly” event. This is our 6th annual ride around Grand Central Station on a route that is normally reserved for cars only. It is an amazing view, one that I will never get tired of. It is great to ride, walk or jog on Park Avenue without cars. This being New York there are actually bicycle traffic jams. This year I was collecting signatures for a petition to add more bike lanes in Manhattan and as I made my way down Park Avenue at 7:30 (the hardy joggers were up and running even though it was raining.) As the day wore on (unfolded) and the weather got better more and more people came out to enjoy the streets. There are lots of activities and many volunteers to make this event happen and work so well but -New Yorkers seem to take it for granted now that they will get to take over this 10km route on Saturdays every August.


The route goes straight up towards Park Ave. from the Brooklyn bridge- so interesting how the street changes as you work your way north. It is almost a forbidden pleasure inhabit these spaces as the motorists do and see the city from the point of view of a car. Soon in New York City we will have a speed limit of 40km (25 miles) per hour for all motorists-everywhere as part of our new mayors vision of zero program from traffic accidents, so maybe the motorists will decide that it is just as fast and way more fun to ride a bicycle?



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  1. In Hong Kong, the road closures due to Occupy Central have also given us a vision of what the city might be like if it favoured pedestrians. But here in Hong Kong, the government frowns on bicycles except as recreation for children in designated bicycle parks. A few bicycles were out on Harcourt Road and Queensway during the (ongoing) demos but those were daring quite a hostile environment to get there.



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