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Our project the Photographer’s Loft was published in Dezeen.  It is the most popular internet web site which publishes architectural and interior design work, currently probably the most influential site. Several of our projects were published  in the past and this time they selected the Photographer’s Loft  which this blog posted before. Right after Dezeen published this work several other internet publishers approached us. For example;

Thisispaper  with very sophisticated graphics.  グラフィックが素晴らしい。

Journal Du Design   a French publisher. フランスのインターーネット出版社。

私たちの仕事、「写真家のロフト」がディジーン Dezeen に掲載 された。ディジーンはインターーネット上で建築作品を出版するサイトで、世界中で一番ポピュラーなサイト。今や最も建築デザインに影響力があるかもしれない。私たちの作品も何回かこれまで掲載されたことがあるけれど、今回は「写真家のロフト」。以前このブログで受賞会を載せた作品。面白いことにディジーンで掲載されると即座に、上記の他のよく似た数社から引き合いが来た。


Before the internet age came, new architectural ideas were informed to a limited number of readers through a few hard copy magazines, but now each day they reach huge numbers of people, more people have more information.



When one of our projects was published in a hard copy paper magazine, they sent their own photographer and an architect to write the criticism of the building. Internet publishers  do not do this. They digitally copy photographs which are published by another publisher.  Many hard copy publishers do not dispatch photographers anymore but they do show drawings and documents such as plans and sections which help you to understand the space. That is a big difference. Internet publishers evaluate the project from several photographs. It is like your music composition is evaluated from just a phrase, and only that part is performed. It is as if your novel is evaluated from several excerpts and just that part is published.



But this analogy is not really accurate. That excerpt is still a but genuine part of your work in music or literature, not like architecture in which you cannot cut out some part from the real building and publish it.  Musical and literary excerpts are still a representation of the original work but can photographs be a representation of architecture? It may be said you see architecture through your eyes but also with your back, I mean you feel the space. Though after seeing the real building we say “Oh the photographs are better than the real building”…..quite often.



We go and visit real buildings, but some day we may stop doing so. Everyday new works are published and it goes into the archive the next day. Web sites are updated every few minutes, and it is all about the impression of the moment. People no longer care if the image is from the real thing or if it is a super realistic rendering. There is no way to distinguish between the movie set and the real space—-the image no longer needs to a representation of the real space — this is a different art form fro architecture.



In fact current technology has the ability to create images which you cannot tell if they are “real” or not. There is no developed architectural space, but instead a cool image. The images do not even have to be consistent. Being cool is everything, catching your attention-it is the culture of internet.




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  1. Beautiful photographs, and I trust the space is as good or better. But I find it troubling that these websites are using other people’s work, namely the photographs, to attract readers to their sites. Shouldn’t they be using their own?


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