Women’s March (an entire gender against Trump) 反トランプのマーチ


Today a march was organized by women against Trump’s policies. Many people gathered at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza to start the march. The UN is located nearby and it is the location for the start of many protests but also our local park where Japanese traditional Noh performances are held by the Japan Society a neighbor facing the park. But today it is quite different, the park is packed with people. Many pink hats and posters advocating feminine issues. We arrived just after 11:00 as we were told the march would start at noon, but very soon we were totally stuck, it was impossible to move, like in a fully packed subway car at peak of a really heavy rush-hour, but nobody is leaving the train. Tired and irritated people were getting into a bad mood, making nasty quarrels and needed to be reminded that we were all there for a great cause. It was a bit scary as there was a constant chorus of voices asking to let us start marching, but the police would not allow it.



The route started at the park, went south on 2nd Ave. turned west on 42nd and then headed north on Fifth to the Trump Tower. We found out later that so many people had filled 42nd street after arriving at Grand Central Station that the streets were are already packed. The front of the march had started a long time ago without us.



Every time a fire engine or the police passed there were huge cheers. So different from other protests- there was a sense that the everyone was supporting the same thing. 2nd Ave. was filled with people very far downstream. The avenue was getting narrower and narrower to limit the car traffic. We were standing for almost 2 hours, but no one started moving- so we decided to get out this crowd. All the streets beside the route were full of people.



When we managed to join the march again at 5th Ave, it is was a huge movement. We could not see the tail end. The empty lane in the street is for emergency vehicles and egress. The police warned me not to stop here when I tried to take this picture. No one is allowed to stop near the Trump tower. Everyone who passed had to keep going and then disperse- which they did very peacefully. It was around 4:00.

行進に合流すべく フィフスアベニューまで出てきたら、この状況。遥か先まで行進する人で埋まっている、行列の最尾がどこなのか見えない。一車線が空いているのは緊急車両と非難経路の確保のため。この写真を撮るために脚が止まっただけで警官に注意された。トランプタワーの近くでは立ち止まることが許されない。ここに到着した人は、そのまま行き過ぎて、逐次散会することになっている。我々がここに達したのは すでに4時ごろ。


After working at our office I came back across 5th Ave, on the way home in the dark. Surprisingly the march is still going on. It is after 6:00 and people are still joining next to next at the tail end of the march. So many people!! where did they come out?  I got a view of St. Patrick’s cathedral wonderfully lit, reminding me of when we had the Easter parade with our origami hats in front of it.

Mr. Trump missed this spectacle because he was staying in Washington. DC for the inauguration parties. It was one of the best uses of our public space-our streets- so many people wanted to make a statement.





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