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Every fall the Alliance for Kip’s Bay has been planting and cleaning up Glick Park, located just south of  the United Nations. But this year it is closed for renovation, so this fall for the “It’s My Park Day”  we traveled outside the park. “It’s My Park Day” is a twice a year event sponsored by the NY Partnership for Parks, who supply tools, bulbs and this year bright pink spotted garbage bags. Volunteers gather throughout the city to work on their local parks.



Our neighborhood is changing- we have a new park, new buildings and and a ferry service connecting 35th street to the Bronx, Brooklyn and Astoria, all taking advantage of our location on the waterfront. Our clean up was focused on the area  by the ferry terminal, part of the East River Greenway where we worked on the tree beds south of Glick Park. Our efforts focused on making this piece of the Greenway, a greener place to relax and enjoy the waterfront. Our work also contributed to a special project;  as a memorial to the victims of 9/11 this year 500,000 daffodil bulbs are being planted throughout the city.



We organized volunteers  from NYCares (an volunteer organizer), a local school and the local men’s shelter.  We dug up the rock-hard ground, planted 1,000 bulbs out of the 500,000, and discovered snoozing worms.





The ferry route was expanded this year. It has been welcomed by the community, bringing more pedestrians and other New Yorkers into the neighborhood. This transit node has been demonstrating the potential that a continuous  bike/pedestrian Greenway would create along the East River. The Greenway is a potential loop around the entire island, although it has a gap. Currently the Greenway north of the ferry terminal  disappears at the UN which you can see in the background of the photo. North of the UN, the section from 60th down to 53rd  is ready to be closed, but still the UN will remain one of the biggest barriers to continuous waterfront access. We keep advocating for a continuous route but it seems a distant goal. I finished our work hoping this will help to make this stretch of the waterfront an welcoming accessible neighborhood amenity.



We are all looking forward to the spring to see the blooms on our waterfront and then get back to Glick Park.



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