Bowne House ボウンハウス

For this years “Open House New York “volunteer assignment I was sent to Queens and on my way home I discovered this wooden house, the oldest house in Queens, preserved for its significance in the history of New York.  John Bowne was the author of the declaration that was the first step in confirming religious freedom for Americans and his family lived in the house for 9 generations.

毎年オープンハウスニューヨークのボランティアに参加しているが、今年はクイーンズにある大きな庭園とその中にある古い家 ジョン・ボウン ハウスを選んだ。クイーンズ地区に現存する最も古い家屋で、ニューヨークの重要な歴史の証人として保存されている。米国で最初に宗教の自由の宣言書を書いたジョン・ボウンがここに住み、その後9世代が住んでいた。

A member of the family was the founder of one of the first nurseries in NYC who collected trees and plants from around the world. He is the one responsible for the wonderful garden and the collection of specimen trees.  Many of their descendants have been spread across the country from this garden in Queens.  The garden is huge compared with the typical suburban houses and the street is lined with large oak trees planted by the family. It was originally farmland but now it is surrounded by masonry low-rise apartments, so out of place in this dense environment.


In this garden I met two interesting women, one had been a professional gardener and the other was an architect who is also the caretaker of the house. The caretaker lives in the house and lovingly cares for the garden. The house is part of the New York City Parks Department system,  but like most of the parks in the city the parks department cannot maintain it by themselves and they rely on volunteers. She was looking for more help to prepare for the winter


I brought another volunteer with me today. We are here to prune and trim trees. As some of the plants are rare and have historical value as part of the original planting, you have to be careful how to cut. This additional helper amputated even the largest branches. The architect looked a bit worried. Did he meet her expectation?


There is no photo showing it but there was a huge pile of trimmed branches. You will see the results of our work next spring. We were invited to come again.




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  1. Hi Hiroki and Sandy
    It’s always interesting to read this blog.
    Hope you are both well.
    I just heard from AidAn and Leah who are back home in Berlin.
    It is so good of you to lend them your flat for some of their time inJapan . I think they
    Had a wonderful time.
    All the best

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