Black Lives Matter ブラックライフマター


Last Thursday  I was one of the lucky community members able to join in painting “Black Lives Matter” onto Fifth Avenue. The words fill one city block and face the Trump Tower, which has become something of a tourist attraction, ( no idea why) , Aimed at him…No, No. Hopefully this message will get through to those tourists who come to visit that building.

先週、幸運なことに第六コミュティーボードのメンバーは目抜き道路に「B…ブラック L…ライフ M…マター」とペンキ書きする企画に参加できた。場所はフィフスアベニューに面するトランプタワーの真正面、一ブロックにわたって大きく書かれた。この建物は、なぜか知らないけれど観光客の人気スポット。このメッセージが彼らに届くことを期待している。当てつけじゃないかって?とんでもない。


The department of Transportation led the event with the mayor, his wife and other elected officials joining in to paint the bright yellow message. After straightening his tired back, the mayor stated ”Our city isn’t just painting the words on Fifth Avenue. We’re committed to the meaning of the message.”



This is one of 3 installations in Manhattan, all painted by volunteers. Members of all the Manhattan community boards were invited to help paint in this location, other spots are being organized by local groups with African American artists featured.  This work was professionally and beautifully done by the department of transportation, as you can see.



I did not participate in any of the protests but I did want to show my support- it was a very mixed crowd in terms of race and age, black, white, brown, yellow, young, old; a pretty good representation of New York City.



P.S. Later, the president of the USA who we believe naturally supports racial equality commented “the street was destroyed”

追伸, 後で合衆国大統領のコメントが発表された。曰く「路面が破壊された」


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