Glick Park グリック公園


Our local park, Glick Park was closed for almost 2 years for “renovation” and reopened this spring- after almost 2 years of not being able to access the park it has suffered; many plants did not survive. The parks are heavily used now by New Yorkers looking for outdoor space to relax, play and use as alternate gyms for workouts. The parks really are the lungs of our city.

私たちの地域の公園 グリック公園のボランティアの様子を二年前にここに載せた。その直後、改修のために閉鎖された。この春、再オープンとなったが、かなりの植物が生き残らなかった。今、この公園は非常によくつかわれている。パンデミックで使えないジムの代わりとして、そして遊びとリラックスのできる戸外空間を求て。公園はまことに都市の肺である。


Our community group, Alliance for Kips Bay asked for volunteers to help maintain the park and I am always surprised how many people are willing to help in the parks, it is hard work, involves dirt and maybe bugs.

The Parks Department is struggling for funding and many parks were closed during the peak of the pandemic when all resources were devoted to trying to keep everyone healthy, including the park staff. They cannot maintain the parks on the budget the city gives them, it is up to the residents to fill in the gaps. The Partnership for Parks is helping to support the volunteers who are organizing community lead clean ups with training sessions. The Partnership and the corporate sponsors provided us with gloves, masks and they even gave us a tape measure to make sure we stayed 1.8m apart.

私たちのコミュニティグループ、キップスベイ連は公園の整備のために毎回ボランティアを募る。ちょっとしんどいし、土を扱うのに、それでもやりたいと考えている人がいかに多いか?いつも驚かされる。 地域公園は管理費調達の苦労に加えて、パンデミックのおかげで多くが閉鎖された。公園管理のスタッフや利用者すべての人の健康を考えてのことであった。



It turns out that almost every park in the city has a dedicated set of volunteers that weed, plant and lovingly tend these public spaces. The residents of every neighborhood can provide this kind of support, working together with the staff of the park. We posted about another volunteer group at Dag Hammarskjold Park, another neighborhood park, a few years ago.



We painted one of the benches in the Pan-African flag colors, something that the parks department is trying to do in all the parks.  (Don’t look too closely!) I find weeding to be very therapeutic, so satisfying to get out those roots, just enough of a challenge, a bit of exercise and a good looking garden when you are finished.



Yesterday on a weekend bicycle ride we ran into a volunteer working in Carl Schurz Park and chatted  with her in front of a lovely flower bed by the Mayor’s mansion. (The highway running above Glick Park runs right under this garden).  We found out that she is a horticulturist and this flower bed is beautifully maintained by her as part of a conservancy group that receives donations from the community. She offered to come to our park and  give us guidance. We are  going to organize an event  for our volunteers. It will be a fun event! —–Come and join us, every park needs these volunteers !

昨日、週末の自転車遠足の途中、市長官舎の横にあるカールシュルツ公園の素晴らしい花壇の脇を通りすぎた。( グリック公園の上を通ていた高速道路は、ここではこの庭園の真下を通る)たまたまボランティアが働いているのを見つけて、ちょっとおしゃべりができた。彼女は、園芸の専門家で、地域住民の寄付を受けて、ある保存グループの一端としてこの公園の維持管理をしているらしい。我らのボランティアグループのために、わざわざグリック公園に指導に来てくれることになった。面白いイベントになりそう!—–皆さん、加わりませんか?  地域公園はどこでもボランティアを必要としてます。!


“This garden is cared for by a neighborhood volunteer.” NY parks department 「この庭は近所のボランティアによって世話されています」ニューヨーク公園局


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  1. Hi Hiroki and Sandy
    .. very inspiring!
    We are grateful to have our country property with such a wonderful green space and big garden. Here is Tom with his scarlet runner beans!

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