Plum orchard 梅林園

I have visited this valley several times but a bit later in the season. It seems that the plum blossoms are a little late this year. They are still fragrant, but the blossoms are scattered, and if you are not careful you will miss them. On the other hand, it seems that the cherry blossoms have bloomed a little early. Normally, plum blossoms and cherry blossoms do not overlap. This year seems to be an odd year, where fragrant plums and spectacular cherries mingle. There are many similar valleys nearby, but this is the only one that has become a plum orchard. Other valleys have cedar and cypress forests which have been planted to provide an income, but this valley has many areas that have been left to the natural forest and the plum trees.


The valley is as well-maintained as a garden because it is in the hands of farmers who pick the plum fruit. Perhaps the effort and profits are (somehow) balanced. If it were to make a big profit, there would have been many plum orchards in other valleys.


Today is Sunday, but no one is here. It has been known as a spot to visit for a long time, but what happened? A few weeks ago, when a lot of the plums were in bloom, some groups of older people were coming. It is not recognized as a place for cherry blossoms, so no matter how beautiful the cherry blossoms are, no one will come. If there is no name, you don’t  go, on the other hand if it has a name you will visit. There must be a cycle in which more visitors come and the name rises again. Is it a vicious cycle or a virtuous cycle? I prefer the time when people don’t come, so I choose to visit such places. There is always a long line at our local bagel shop in New York, but I don’t really want to buy bagels in that store. Perverse?


Previously, many people would join together to make a car trip and visit here. Now everyone has their own car, but consider this orchard as too minor to come all the way by car to visit. In fact, if a lot of cars come, the orchard will become “car parking”. Then what about a bicycle? If the road to this point does not overlap with car traffic, anyone can enjoy a leisurely half-day excursion. Also, if you can go to a similar quiet scenic spot near this, you can make a nice day trip.


I made a map of the idea of ​​connecting such places. そのような場所をつなぐアイデアを地図にした。

This map is quite different from the typical route map, it does not recommend the shortest route, some times the route zigs and zags and has detours. Avoiding car traffic it takes you on:  この地図は通常のと観光ルートマップとは違い、早く着くことが目的ではないので、多少遠回りでも、ジグザグでも構わない。幹線道路を避けて、

  • historical old routes, 歴史的な街道 
  • quiet obsolete roads left after the new bi-pass, 無数の静かな旧道(新道ができたおかげ)
  • banks of rivers 海岸や川の土手、
  • farming roads 農道

all stitched together.You can enjoy beautiful scenes safely not paying any attention to car traffic. You will find something you never find on a car trip. をつないでいる。車交通を気にすることなく景色のいいところ、安心して行ける。逆に、車では決して経験できない四国を見ることができるはず。


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