An award from AISC もう一つの受賞

This staircase that we designed received an award from the American Steel Construction Association. It was pure luck that it coincided with the award from our previous blog post “Designer’s Loft”. The name of the award is a bit long, the “Innovative Design of Engineering and Architecture with Structural Steel (IDEAS²) Award! “. The project is called “Ascension of the Celestial Maiden “. Inspired by the legend of the ascension of beauty, which is universal throughout the world. It is an application of origami. Contrary to its romantic name, there are no decorative parts, and the design is completed with heavy and hard structural steel.


When climbing a normal staircase, the view to the front is blocked by a structure that supports the staircase and you cannot see through it. We wanted you to see beyond the stair, creating a floating feeling. To make it look light and stabilize it structurally was the challenge. In other words, how do you get closer to the feeling of a fluttering ribbon? How to solve this technically? The headquarters of the United Nations is now clearly visible between the completed treads. High precision is required in the production process but it was created in a simple and magical manner; that is another reason for the award. For more information please watch the video that was presented to the jury.


The following is from the press release when the association announced the winners.

“Nine projects, ranging from a cutting-edge Seattle skyscraper to a sophisticated staircase in a private New York home, represent the most innovative aspects of today’s design and construction industries. The industry has made it very difficult for our judges to select winners among an outstanding pool of submissions. It’s truly inspiring to see the ways today’s most creative minds work with structural steel to create modern landmarks. ”


「シアトルの最先端の超高層ビルからニューヨークの個人宅の洗練された階段まで、9つのプロジェクトが、今日の設計および建設業界の最も革新的な側面を表している。昨今は山のように集まった優れた応募作品の中からさらに受賞者を選ぶのが非常に困難になっている。 今日の最も創造的な頭脳が構造用鋼を使って現代のランドマークを作成する方法を見るのは本当に刺激的である。

They also published the winners projects. This staircase was a introduces in a past post and was taken up as a project to connect the upper and lower floors with a new opening. Please visit this post for more information.

協会は受賞作品の出版もしたので、こちらもご高覧ください。 この階段は過去のポストにて、上階と下階を大穴で繋げるプロジェクトとして紹介済。全体の様子はそのポストをご覧ください。


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