Randall’s Island ランダルズ島

Randall’s Island (cojoined with Ward’s islands) is separated from Manhattan island by the East River. This small joined island has functioned as the foundation for railway bridges from Manhattan to Long Island. There is also one pedestrian bridge linking it to Manhattan. The opposite bank here is Manhattan Island.


In the last few years the island has been transformed into a large park. Since then, it has been very popular. Every weekend it is filled with picnickers. Here the opposite bank is Long Island.


The island has had a varied past but was mostly used for power supply facilities, circus and sports events that required a large area. The photo below is a huge parking lot for that purpose. A black-and-white photograph can be beautiful, no matter how rough it is in reality.


We found a bicycle road under the railway bridge. Great space. Is there any other place like this? In fact we were here to explore a few years ago. We posted it on this blog and wrote about mysterious this location at that time. Some may remember citing Andrey Tarkovsky’s movie. Now, however, that feeling is gone. I feel a little sad.


Mulberry trees are growing wild everywhere on the island. If the top of the road is a dirty purple, there is a mulberry tree there. We stopped and enjoyed a feast here for a while. They are very sweet. As soon as it is taken from the branch, it is carried to your mouth. The vibration causes the fruit to fall from the next branch. The leaves are eaten by silk moths, but no one eats the fruit. There is probably a reason for that. The fruit is so soft that it can’t be put into a box. It is more fragile than a raspberry. Just pick it up in the palm of your hand and it will collapse. It is impossible to put it on the market. (The bayberry is also too soft to find on the shelves of greengrocers in big cities, but still not so soft like this. I hunted bayberries alone in a park in Osaka, and the people around me looked at me like I was strange. They don’t know that bayberries are a treat.)


This island is really full of mulberry trees. All-you-can-eat with no pesticides. It’s really a waste that no one eats them. However, my hands are so sticky and messy that I can’t hold the camera. So that’s it for today’s blog post. We are in the middle of a trip, but I can’t help it. Today’s conclusion —-This island should be called Mulberry Island!

この島は本当に桑の木だらけ。無農薬でだれでも取り放題なのに、誰も食べないというのは本当にもったいない ( しかもここは他人がどう思おうと平気な米国だ)。だが、もう手がベチャベチャになってしまって、カメラを持てない。だから、今日のブログはこれまで。旅半ばだが仕方ない。本日の結論 —- この島は桑島=マルベリー島と呼ぶのがふさわしい!



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