Curved Origami 曲線オリガミ

The length is about 90 cm, and the plate thickness is around 3 mm. Is this a bench? If everything is folded, it will be a strict origami work. Here, four steel plates are welded together. I really wanted to fold it according to that concept, but it requires a lot of strength, and I couldn’t because the tools that bend steel are for ship building, there are no simple tools anywhere. The gently curved surface is bent with handheld tools, shaped by hand. Since it is cut out from a single sheet without any gaps in between, when the edges come together, they match perfectly and naturally fit.


fabrication / 制作 : Haney Kim,

The main emphasis is cutting out from this one piece of steel without leaving any scrap. Otherwise, you can use a computer-controlled cutter these days, and you can freely make any shape. In other words, if you have an image of an apple or a gorilla in your head before you start, then combine the planes to make it look like that, you can buy the algorithms somewhere to create that. I would like to think that there is a possibility that unexpected and interesting shapes can be created by having some restrictions. It’s evidence that you are conceited to say something is a maxim and give a lesson, but I think there’s a point in saying, “Where there are restrictions, there is creativity.” This shape is made up of two-dimensional surfaces. Even when 3D printers easily create steel architectural structures someday, shapes that can be created only with 2D surfaces will define a special meaning and category. (Can you see if there are two small cubic surfaces mingled into this object?)


paper model for study  紙のスタディー模型

What is the definition of origami? Of course, it’s not “made of paper” and it isn’t to create a three-dimensional object just by folding from a single plane. If you allow curved surfaces without making creases, this may not strictly be origami, but you can expand the definition. In fact, it is mathematically impossible to make it three-dimensional with only curves, so some parts will include real creases like this object. And yes of course, it isn’t straight like normal origami folding. This was the biggest difficulty in making this object; bending steel along a curved line!


Many origami works flatten again at the point where they were folded and return to flat sheets, but in this case, the pattern is designed so that even if you sit down, it will still hold the shape. In fact, this work was not just a piece of art placed on the floor. It was also an experiment to see what kind of problems would arise if the plate had a certain thickness and weight. In the future, I would like to make this into an architectural structure. It would be terrifyingly difficult.



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