NY Open House ニューヨークオープンハウス

Today I was stationed at the new sanitation garage in the east village for Open House New York. I have volunteered for several years for this event which is held every fall. Based on a model that was developed in London 25 years ago, Open House has spread to 35 countries and is a wonderful opportunity to see monuments, hard to get into spaces, architects studios or private homes. All types of buildings are opened up to the public for one weekend.


The tours were led by the architects of the building and the sanitation department- it turns out that the sanitation department was the one who wanted to join the event. This department deals with a much misunderstood part of our city life, the services they provide are invaluable but no one wants a sanitation garage in their neighborhood. They are trying to inform the public of how important their role is. This garage happens to be a pretty wonderful building, it is certified as LEED gold (Leading in Energy and Environmental Design), has fantastic views of the Hudson River for the workers, fits into the scale of the neighborhood with an intricate dynamic facade and also happens to houses garbage trucks.


Many people came to hear about the garbage; what happens to it and how do we deal with it.  But architects also came to check out the design of the building….. Why louvers? The building is mainly a huge truck garage but in fact looks like a museum.


A huge monument building made of concrete houses the salt storage. It is one of the most interesting parts- the salt is stored at just the right angle to have it tumble into the trucks, this wonderful mountain is very corrosive and many special precautions were needed.


There was a real fascination with the trucks and never before had the garbage men been the stars of an event.