Falcon’s Manhattan Life 猛禽類のマンハッタン

Today’s weather was strange. It started with a very beautiful clear sky. I heard a bird singing an unfamiliar tune. I notice a falcon on the handrail. I moved my head slowly from a behind a mullion to have a better view of it. The bird also moved its head as if it wanted to have a better view of me. The motion was like the traditional style of Thai dance. We had eye contact. The distance was just 1 m apart behind the window glass. In order not to frighten it  I moved backward slowly, I had to go to work.


In the evening after I finished working, very quickly dark clouds started filling the sky. It was not like the typical thunder storm. When I got home I saw a soaked bird again sitting on the handrail. Is it the same one as in the morning? Pushing it’s tail outside of the handrail, it seemed like it was looking into the apartment as if it is interested in us. What if something happened? Can you fly off quickly?


The rain has stopped, but it does not go away.  It seems  to have moved up to the upper rail while I was not paying attention.


A friend, a bird watcher, said that a fairly large number of falcons live in New York City, a young falcon could be struggling on its maiden flight. They catch smaller birds and rats that inhabit the city…. a lot of animals live in Manhattan.



The sky has been dyed by sunset orange, 2 hours has passed already. It is still sitting there.


We turned off the lights to go to bed. It seemed to still be there in the dark.

Good night!