In our neighborhood there are public parks and streets which need flowers and trees, but the ground is so dry and hard – it has been left forgotten for so many years. KBNA is a not for profit organization that takes care of the flowers and plants at Glick Park and also the tree pits near the park that are part of the bicycle lane system.


One of the activities our group supported was posted in this blog, we proposed a service roadway to become a real public amenity, street cafes , seating a kids play area and an event space where local musicians can mingle with residents.  The streets should become more lively and active, unfortunately our proposal was  denied by people who live in the adjacent property. It should have benefited them but they were not convinced.






Our targets are any kind of park/garden and streets which will contribute to making urban living better and enhance community life. 私たちの活動の目的は、どんな公園でも構わず、地域コミュニティーを活性化して、より良い生活の助けになるようにすること。




One of them is this ….. park, with it’s fantastic view of the East River, a full panorama although the park is not well recognized . We want to make this park more beautiful and popular. Today we planted flowers and shrubs  and our next task is to keep them watered.


The neighbors who believe this park will make the community better got together to take care of the garden. They came from many different backgrounds. An Estonian who  recently arrived noted that the medical system is terrible here, a Chinese family and so on. What made them to come to join this activity? Look at their kids full of curiosity and having fun. Their contribution is so great. Why not more kids? Why not more adults?


They came from many different backgrounds—-old migrants and new immigrants. An Estonian who recently arrived is working hard complaining that the medical system is terrible here. What made them to come to join this activity? Look at their kids full of curiosity and having fun. Their contribution is so great. Why not more kids? Why not more adults?.





Fire works 花火


It is so difficult to share how wonderful the fireworks were through photos. Photos of fireworks are always very similar, as you can see in the magazines. But why so difficult? It is not enough to include the earth to show the scale, and somehow a panorama is worse. By the way is there anybody who does not like fireworks? I think it is one of the rare art forms which does no rely on our cultural background or our experience. Everybody likes them (except for the noise and smoke) whether you were raised with polar bears or Tarzan or have a dose of European vanguard art it does not matter, you like them. The goal of our design is something like that, but sometimes we find a remainder of a “code” imbedded in our work. Only those who can decode this code can appreciate the beauty of the art. I think many western art forms rely on the coding-encoding system. Are there any other universal art forms like fire works? What about the panorama view from a high mountain or a building? Probably the developer (as in our last post) know the universality of an amazing view so that they can invest a lot of money without having to do any research.



So, this time there are no photos of fireworks here. Instead we have shown some of the water show by the fire boats which was the opening performance on the East River and the mirrored images of fire works on Kempenfelt Bay in Canada. They were taken at the beginning of this month, July 4th is Independence Day in the US and July 1st is Canada (birth) Day.


Both had masses of fireworks, using that volume and abundance which is a feature of western art I believe. For almost one hour they launched next to next, even before the last one ended. Not only high in the sky, some exploded to the right just above the barge, so very busy. I recalled how it was in my home town; as one display faded out of the sky …we waited and waited but the next one did not come immediately. The sound of people quietly chatting filled the silent space. Was this space between a calculated interval? Or simply they needed it to load the next one? No way to confirm that now, the village no longer has the economical activity to support a fireworks celebration.

どちらも大変ボリュームがある。一時間ほどの間、引っ切り無しに打ち上がる。始めのが終わらないうちに次のが上がる。上ばかりを見ていたら、船の当たりを 低いやつが足元を賑やかにするという次第で、めまぐるしくて仕方がない。ボリュームは西洋のアートの本質であるようにも思える。フッと子供の時に見た村の 花火を思い出した。如何に情緒があったとはいえ、花火一つが闇に消えたあと、待てど暮らせど次のが上がらない。その待っている間を村人たちのボソボソ話が 埋めるという次第。この間合いが次の球をこめるのに必要だったのか?それともアートの演出だったのか?今、確かめようにも、村は花火をする経済がなくなっ て、花火が上がることはなくなった。



By the way, as we believe that art evolves, do fire works evolve also? If so what it will they be like for the next generation?